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It is an honor to present a fire fighter with an award or certificate of accomplishment. There is really no way for us to thank the fire fighter for the dangerous work they do on all of our behaves. That being said there is still an impressive selection or trophies awards and plaques recognizing the fire fighters efforts.

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Your backyard should be a place where you can unwind, relax and escape your day-to-day worries. Hiring a professional landscape design company can be costly and is simply not an option for many people. So what do you do? If you are a relatively handy person, you do it yourself. You will be amazed at what you can accomplish using your own resources to create a beautiful backyard retreat.

Think about your yard as a functional space rather than an empty lot. Essentially, it is as an extension of your house with potentially many rooms. Visualize how you see yourself spending time in your backyard.Questions you should be asking yourself are: do you want to entertain friends and family, do you have children and need a play area, do you have dogs and need space for them to run freely, do you want a water feature etc. Water drainage.

THE historic Queensland flood crisis has made headlines across the world. World watches images of catastropheZIMPLOW Ltd is looking at possible acquisitions this year buoyed by the company's financial position that management feels supports a buy, CEO Zondi Kumwenda says.

My name is Paul Hussey and I was born in Portsmouth, England in 1961, the same day as my older brother but a year later. As a fan of English History I thought readers may be interested in the history of English Crop Circles. Excuding some of the Modern day hoaxes many of the modern day Crop Circles have been seen to form below a bright light.

One of the earliest writings on Crop Circles was In 1115 A.D., the Bishop of Winchester wrote of corn flattened by 'magical storms'.One late summer's day in 1678, an English farmer and a poor mower were arguing over the cost of harvesting the farmer's oat field. Incensed at the mower's proposed price, the farmer swore that the Devil himself should harvest the.

American Farmland Trust (AFT) is launching a series of webinars aimed at teaching land use planners and local government officials techniques to support agriculture and protect farmland at the town and county level. The webinar series springs from AFT's newly released publication, Planning for Agriculture in New York: A Toolkit for Towns and Counties. "We hope this webinar series will help towns .


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